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Piano at Community Cafe "Yoichi Terrace" in Hokkaido







Today, Junka took me to a community cafe "Yoichi Terrace". 


Community Cafe is a cafe which functions as a hub to connect neighbors.

For some people this place can be a safe place.

For example. elder people who lives alone in a city alone can connect to each other at this place. So this place works as regional activation and social walfare.



Sweets made from several kinds of locally grown fruits. 



The onwner of this cafe has deep knowledge about food and health. She provide a several kinds of organic foods.




Organic teas



Locally grown foods



Foreign foods




The owner also knows about the idea of "Gift Economy".

Therefore, in this cafe, a lot of free products are stored.
Anybodya can pick any of these.

If you wish you can donate to express the appreciation.



I found YAMAHA's upright piano!

Sometime, local musicians hold a concert of classical music and jazz.




I play of course. I cannot help playing the piano once I saw it.




The owner treated me an apple pie and coffee in appreciation for piano performance♪






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Mar 6th. Duo with Jyoji Sawada at Riche


Mar 6th, 2021. Cloudy.

First time Duo with Jyoji Sawada at Sweets Cafe Riche.



I wrote a new piece "Entangled Souls".

This is the first time my performing.
Without practice, at a glance,

Maestro Jyoji Sawada plays the new piece perfectly.




We are just playing.

I usually play solo piano and

I am not accostomed to improvisational performance.

But I tried anyway.




"Gondla's Dream" from Aria the animation.

Jyoji Sawada plays the song he wroted.
By the way, new piece「Aria the crepuscolo」is released yesterday.

So I think  I am going to watch it tommorow.





We enjoyed delicious coffee and cheese cake treated by Sweets Cafe Riche

Riche's cake is made by nutritionist who cares about heathy menu.




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Mar 6th Kei x Jyoji Sawada (Choro Club) Concert



Mar 6th. 3:00pm~


Concert at Sweets Cafe Riche.


Please enjoy nice ocean view and harmony of piano and contra bass.


Music Charge: Donaition (Gift Economy)

*To enyone, please feel free to visit and listen.


Detail about the cafe→ Sweets Cafe Riche


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Kei x Jyoji Sawada from Choro Club * Concert @ Riche



2020, Dec 26th, 2pm~



I will be performing piano at 

Sweets Cafe Riche」





Guess what...this time,

I invited a special guest who

is one of the member of

well know bands called  "Choro Club" 

also the founder of label "Unknown Silence"

and who have been worked on Anime music,

contemporary, Bachet Sound Sclupture,

and is also the music producer of so many well know artsits, etc...


His name.... Jyoji Sawada



In March 2020,  

at the time, suddenly I confronted with 

the huge influence of Covid-19 pandemic.

Because of that, I have to gave up performing piano at several places.

I could not go to my favorite 「Sweets Cafe Riche



However, instead of the negative phenomena,

due to Covid-19 pandemic,

I could meet Jyoji Sawada. 



Choro Club is my favorite band

which I knew from "Aria the Animation"

(I love the Anime too)



It is like a dream that those who created my favorite music

is now the person I am going to perform with.

 So fortunate.



If Covid-19 pandemic has not occured,

then I never had a chance to meet him because

I may have been busy for performing my music at several places.




Bad thing is sad.

However, when I accepted the bad thing and

looked at it more deeply,

I realized something good is hidden in it.



2020 is getting closer to the end.

I suddenly felt that I want to perform once again within this year.

So I am going to perform once again,

in Dec 26th.

at my favorite place

「Sweets Cafe Riche」





The cafe is once recovered from Covid-19 pandemic,

however, the 3rd impact had begun recently.

So, the business is till unstable.

But the ocean view from this cafe is always good.





Due to Covid-19 pandemic,

We will take extra care to hold the event.

(Those who come, please put musks on while performing) 




Some how, I felt this year is longer than usual,

but it is going to end soon.




 However, I want to enjoy in Dec 26th.

Guess what, so many new piece is availabe this time,

because I have been working on it while I had stayed at home during the

period of Covid-19 pandemic.
So, please be looking forward to.f:id:nomadcafe:20201127212921j:plain





Place:Sweets Cafe Riche

Address: Sumaura Doori 4-1-19, Suma, Kobe

TEL: 078-731-1345





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Established a Blog for English Page



I established a new blog for English.


I separated a blog from my homepage (NOMADCAFE).


Then, I created two blogs.


One for English (This blog).

The other one for Japanese (Another one).



From now on, I will update all English blog here.


You can access to this blog from NOMADCAFE (homepage).

You can also go back to NOMADCAFE (homepage) from this blog.



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