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Piano at Community Cafe "Yoichi Terrace" in Hokkaido







Today, Junka took me to a community cafe "Yoichi Terrace". 


Community Cafe is a cafe which functions as a hub to connect neighbors.

For some people this place can be a safe place.

For example. elder people who lives alone in a city alone can connect to each other at this place. So this place works as regional activation and social walfare.



Sweets made from several kinds of locally grown fruits. 



The onwner of this cafe has deep knowledge about food and health. She provide a several kinds of organic foods.




Organic teas



Locally grown foods



Foreign foods




The owner also knows about the idea of "Gift Economy".

Therefore, in this cafe, a lot of free products are stored.
Anybodya can pick any of these.

If you wish you can donate to express the appreciation.



I found YAMAHA's upright piano!

Sometime, local musicians hold a concert of classical music and jazz.




I play of course. I cannot help playing the piano once I saw it.




The owner treated me an apple pie and coffee in appreciation for piano performance♪






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